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The activities


the simple shoppings

at 5 km's you will find bakery services, a small supermarket, a post office and a hairdresser

10 km further you will find the city of DIGOIN, an average town with many restaurants and supermarkets like LECLERC and INTERMARCHE


the markets

There are many markets in the area. In your gite you will find a map on which all markets are indicated. The markets begin at 8.30 and cloese at 12.00 hours.

Also you will find numerous brocantes and antique shops


 The restaurants

In the nearness of the gites you will find many restaurants ( Digoin, Bourbon Lancy, Paray Le Monial, Gilly , Diou etc ) where you can have warm lunch against 12.50 per person ( entrée, main course, desssert and cheese.

In some cases wine is included


Restaurants nearby



The casino

Amateurs will have a great time in the casino of Bourbon Lancy which is open every day for clients with minimum age of 18. ( identification is mandatory)




between La Chaume/ Les Loges and Bourbon Lancy you will find a charming terrain of Golf 9 holes . You can practice this sport against 25 Euro per day


The thermes of Bourbon Lancy

in the small but super charming village Bourbon Lancy, approximately 10 km's from La Chaume/ Les Loges, you can choose to have yourself coddled in the thermal station



for a great experience you can profit of the baths, jacuzzi, sauna and relaxations in the Celto of Bourbon Lancy, no more than approx 10 km's from La Chaume/ Les Loges



Rent a boat

at ca 15 km from la Chaume you will find the small city of Digoin and the possibillity where you may rent various type of boats to navigate along the canal, passing numerous sluices, enjoying the calm water and great nature. You cross the Loire 90 degree by the canal, an unforgettable experience.

At same time, combine the trip by visiting the ' L'observatoire de Digoin' where you can see all about the interesting history of Digoin



Advice after the first flight, along with your monitor, you will go to visit the area and discover all-terrain while moving, the famous slough, and the crossing zones



Archaeological park - European archaeological centre - Bibracte in Burgundy invites you to discover its museum of Celtic civilisation : celtic tribe (Haeduans), excavations, Vercingetorix, Julius Caesar




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